Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28

Assist the Church

To assist the Church and in particular the Church of England in the development of its ministry amongst Persians/Iranians in England and other churches throughout the UK.

Advice and Support

To advise and support the clergy, church leaders and lay people in responding to those enquiring about the Christian faith. To provide guidance to churches in welcoming Persians and Farsi speaking people into their churches, assisting them to join with their congregations. To advise and assist with the inter-cultural aspect, and Christian training, liturgy, and other parochial and pastoral matters.

Assistance in Pastoral Care and Worship

To assist in the pastoral care and worship of the Anglican Persian fellowship in London.

Advice and Assistance In Seeking Asylum

The Home Office offers Country Guidance on the situation of Christians in Iran. This is regularly updated. It is intended to guide Immigration staff who interview Iranian Christians applying for asylum in Britain Asylum Tribunal Judges assessing asylum appeals. The latest Guidance is attached as a pdf (I have attached above) Home Office material can be accessed here.

Historically this work has been focused on supporting the Episcopal Church in  Iran through the work of the bishop. But because many people from Iran have found their way to the UK, it was clear that we should be offering spiritual and pastoral support to those from Iran who are seeking help from the Anglican church here.

For that purpose it was decided to set up a Persian Anglican ministry website specifically to meet these needs in two way:,

firstly,  by supporting those who are already in the UK in their normal family life, particularly where they have become part of Church of England congregations and seeking support from the Church of England.

Secondly, by supporting those who have come as refugees or are seeking asylum and may need wisdom, advice and pastoral care from local Anglican vicars or chaplaincies in the workplace.

We hope through the website to deliver resources to people who wish to join with us in this ministry in offering pastoral care to Iranians in the UK.

You will find on this website the following resources:

  • Events

  • Bishop Dehqani – Tafti’s Books

  • Persian Liturgy


The work is overseen by a small management committee mainly from the Persian Christians.

* The website is currently being developed. We welcome suggestions for further content – email us at: