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The Hard Awakening

H.B. Dehqani-Tafti

This book is a reprint in 116 pages of the original English text written about a year after the Iranian Revolution, by the then Bishop in Iran. The following descriptions have been written about the book: “A courageous personal testament of love that outlives violence and death. He escaped assassination – his wife was wounded saving his life. His only son was murdered. His fellow priests were killed, imprisoned, or forced into exile. Friends and colleagues, including his secretary Jean Waddell, and John and Audrey Coleman, were imprisoned, accused of spying”. He writes: “The power to suffer hardship, persecution and martyrdom was granted to us by God and we thank him for counting us worthy to witness to his love … It is because I love my country and my people, and above all my small church that I have recorded the things which have happened to us”.