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Life’s Journey

H.B. Dehqani-Tafti

This is a Persian translation, in 288 pages, of an English book called “Journey for a Soul” by George Appleton who has written this about the book: “This book of thoughts from the Bible, insights gathered from the readings of many years, prayers of other people which spoke to my own spirit, and others which came out of my own spirit is the product of a long and adventurous life. I hope that those who use this book will take plenty of time over each section, and not just hurry through as an easy, ready-to-hand substitute for their own reflection, meditation and prayer, though even this may be helpful when mind and spirit are tired. I hope they will let their minds wander and go off at tangents in the stimulation of any thought or prayer, so that their own unrecognized needs may be met, and they too feel in touch with an unseen Companion on their spiritual journey”.