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Christian Accents In The Persian Poets

H.B. Dehqani-Tafti

According to Acts 17:16-31 when Paul conversed with some leading Athenians about Jesus, his hearers accused him of being a “charlatan” and a “propagandist for foreign deities”. So he referred them to their own cultural heritage, saying: “as some of your own poets have said”. Thus establishing a point of contact with them, he could better explain who Jesus was.

The Christian message is often misunderstood by Muslims and Christian preachers accused of being “foreign agents”. Iran has its own glorious and worthy literature. Persian Christians ought to familiarize themselves with this heritage and let it be a “point of contact” with their Muslim compatriots in order to bring home Christ`s Gospel to them.

This book contains examples of how Persian poetry readily serves to take to Persian hearts the truths of the Christian faith in no foreign way.